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We build communities that you can call home. Our specialty is residential mid-to-high rise condominium communities in the City of Toronto and beyond!

Our commitment to the very best design, materials, and construction craftsmanship ensures that Edenshaw meets the very highest standards every time. Our focus is on building homes that last, in sustainable communities where families can forge the memories that last a lifetime.

This dedication to excellence stems from our core philosophy that buying a home is about more than just investing in property: it’s about building a long-lasting connection to a community.

With a commitment to excellence, our talented and innovative team constantly strives to execute our vision of creating vibrant communities.

Edenshaw [eed-n-shaw, -shah] n.

Carving by Corey Bulpitt, great-great grandson
of Charles Edenshaw, © 2013

Long-time admirers of the intricate art of the Haida people of British Columbia, Edenshaw Developments honours the artistry of nineteenth-century Charles Edenshaw.

Charles Edenshaw, a hereditary chief of the Shongalth Staastas, one of the many eagle clans of the Haida, is renowned for his exquisite artistic ability and sense of natural balance and symmetry.

Of particular interest is the Haida’s symbolic bond with nature, which had been a hallmark of their stunning paintings and carvings for centuries.

Artistic integrity

Edenshaw Developments strives to reflect the artistry and dedication to quality that Charles Edenshaw displayed in each of his works.


By carefully choosing materials and employing cutting-edge design principles, Edenshaw’s homes are not only built in a more sustainable way, but complement the natural features of their communities.